Rescue Kitten Who Lost His Eye Gets A Special Eyepatch

Savannah Anas and her buddy felt they had to act when they learned that a litter of kittens had been born in the middle of nowhere, all by themselves and in utter need of assistance. They traveled 2.5 hours to save the kittens, but when they got there, they discovered that one of them had a horrible, fatal eye infection.

The ailing kitten, subsequently given the name Scar, was in such bad form and had such a horrible infection that Anas was concerned he could not survive. In an effort to save his life, she took him to the veterinarian as fast as she could, but she received some very terrible news.

“Scar was so tiny at only 2 weeks old and 8.5 ounces, that the doctor would not be able to hook him up to monitors, fit a breathing tube down his throat, or know how the anesthesia was affecting him during the procedure,” Anas, a marine biologist and animal advocate, told. “This made it an extremely high-risk surgery.”

The vet told Anas that while there was a high chance Scar wouldn’t make it through the surgery, he also probably wouldn’t make it without it. They decided to risk it, and went ahead with the surgery in hopes of saving Scar’s life.

It miraculously succeeded. Scar survived the procedure unharmed, and the veterinarian was able to remove his eye and all the diseased tissue around it. Anas immediately decided that Scar was supposed to be hers after learning the news and brought the miraculous kitten home.

Scar is now a happy, healthy kitten with no health difficulties at all. When Scar was still so tiny, Anas had to bottle-feed him every two hours. His only peculiarity is that he is missing an eye, but his new mother was able to cure it as well.

While Scar doesn’t need to wear the eyepatch anymore, his mom still puts it on him so that people aren’t put off by his missing eye. Scar also loves wearing it, and looks for it if his mom doesn’t put it on him some days.

Scar, who is currently approximately six weeks old, is the most active and lively kitten around. Despite having a difficult beginning to life, he is now happy than ever and eager to embark on any new journey with his mother at his side.

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