Knowing Somethings Was Wrong Day After Day He Oried Over And Over Asking His Friend To Get UP Refusing To Leave HIs Side


Finally, a kind-hearted person decided to help and called out to the cat who came right out. But when rescuers looked inside they found something completely unexpected.

I didn’t realize there was a dead cat. The other cat never left it. It doesn’t go anywhere. What stops the cat from leaving the drain? As if it were sharing the warmth of a corpse. The cat kept rubbing its face and body trying to wake it up. But he didn’t know that the cat had long since died.”

The kitten had died about a month ago. When the kitten was alive, Norang, the cat, had always been by its side, the pair going everywhere together. Sadly, no one knows why the kitten passed away. It must have gone into the pipe after feeling ill.

For Norang, the death of his best friend had left a lasting impact. His friend had meant everything to him.

Knowing something was wrong, Norang had kept calling over and over for his friend to get up.

Though she had come out of the pipe when called, Norang refused to leave the pipe. Rescuers knew that staying might be a death sentence for him. With no ventilation, and poor hygiene he needed to be taken to safety.

It was decided the fastest and safest way to rescue Norang was to remove the body of his friend. So a rescuer entered the pipe to remove the body, with Norang doing his best to protect the body, refusing to let go. A scene everyone was very moved by.

Now with the body gone Norang had no choice but to let go and was completely removed from the tunnel.

Norang had spent so much time around his dead friend he was taken to a vet for a checkup.

Thankfully, other than a cold he was surprisingly healthy.

“It is very likely that the cat has been exposed to an infectious disease, or that the cat lives in poor conditions and has not been cared for a long time, without clean food,” said the vet.

“Animals can smell and feel things humans can’t, so Norang the cat doesn’t know that his friend is long dead. It also feels obligated to protect its friend. But now it’s time to say goodbye to its friend,” he went on to say.

Though Norang had not been able to save his friend, he had been there in his final moments to ease his passing. Moments that have not passed in vain as Norang will soon be in his forever home once he has fully recovered. One day he will see his friend again in heaven.

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