One Brave Feral Kitten Refused To Give In Striking Out With All Her Might

Found along with other kittens in a cat colony, extremely timid, she was the shyest of them all!

Out on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nikki Martinez came across a group of kittens struggling to survive in a cat colony. One kitten, in particular, was very timid and extremely scared of humans.

Very feral, whenever Nikki tried to calm her down, this kitten would swipe at Nikki’s hand with all the strength her little body could muster. While the kittens quickly adjusted to living indoors, one feisty feral kitten held out against the newfound luxuries of living inside.

Sugar as she was named, would require a lot more work.

Patience, along with lots of love and attention would hopefully be the key to unlocking Sugars’ more loving side. So Nikki began giving her regular cuddle sessions throughout the day.

She would begin by carefully wrapping the feisty feline in a comfy blanket, ‘purrito style,’ and then gently stroking her back.

Not used to this sort of attention Sugar was quite anxious, all the while staring with frightened eyes at her foster Mom. To help the process, Nikki would also offer her wet food by hand.

I use (wet food and treats) as a tool. I want her to associate happy things with being in my presence,” Nikki said.

As time went by, Sugar soon caught on that she was going to be OK, fearful stares began to diminish, and sudden swats became less frequent.

After a few weeks of regular cuddles, there was finally a breakthrough.



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