Smart Cat Surprises Owner By Learning To Use The Bathroom

Evidently, this shrewd cat named Ramen finds litter boxes to be too revolting and crude.

He views himself as a much more sophisticated cat.

Izzie Willis, Ramen’s owner, recently informed the world on Twitter of an interesting truth about the lovely cat: He’d learned how to use the toilet on his own. like a person.

Willis will never forget the moment Ramen first realized she had this gift; nevertheless, it is unknown how or when Ramen acquired it.

Willis told The Dodo, “He walked up to me, looked me square in the eyes, and started pissing in the toilet. I was brushing my teeth [in the bathroom]. “Wow,” I said in response.

“I’m presuming he learnt from watching us,” Willis said.

Though perhaps a bit more dignified than dealing with kitty litter, Ramen’s use of the toilet isn’t totally mastered; Willis said he never flushes.

Ramen leaves that to her.

It’s important to note that although cats may be trained to use the bathroom, it’s not advised. Because it deviates from their natural “bathroom” pattern of concealing what they leave behind, experts say that kind of persuasion can make cats stressed.

However, the fact that Ramen reportedly taught himself how to use the toilet means that any worries on his part may, ideally, be thrown in the trash.

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