Sick Kittens Were Rescued From The Park But Only One Of Them Survived

A sick kitten was found by warm-hearted women when they came to the park to take care of stray cats. The kitten looked emaciated and was in a critical condition. Right after spotting her, the rescuers knew that they needed to take the little kitten to the vet as soon as possible.

The kitten could hardly breathe, drink or eat anything. The vet had tried his best to save her, but unfortunately, the little soul passed away after two hours. Despite the sadness, the women decided to return to the park, because they believed there were more kittens left. At the same place where the first kitten had been found, they heard a squeak of another kitten.
Immediately, they search in the garbage and finally took out three kittens. It was likely they are siblings of the first one. The women checked another time to make sure there was no cat left, before bringing them to the vet. Three little angels looked weak and ill. Tests showed that they are positive for panleukopenia virus which caused the feline plague. Besides, they had lichens and needed immediate treatment.
Sadly, two of the kittens were unable to get over the disease. The only soul who could fight against the virus was Tori, a little black cat. Although she had been treated for the plague, Tori still had lichens. Losing her brothers and sisters, Tori felt sad and lonely. But the rescuers gave her doubled love and care so that she could survive in that crisis.
Tori was kept at the vet for the next one month to treat for her lichens. After that, she started to look for a loving forever home. We all know that this brave soul deserves the best care and love. She is still finding her new family. If you want to update more information about Tori, please follow her at Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel. We hope that she will find a happy home for herself.

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