Rescue Of An Injured Cat Found In A Backpack After It was Abandoned Like Trash

A lady in Alberta, Canada, never imagined that one straightforward trash-throwing would have such a profound effect on her life. She spotted a peculiar movement inside a rucksack that was resting in the trash bin one day while she was doing her routine trash removal.

Concerned, she opened the backpack to check what was inside the bag and was shocked to find a very weak cat. The poor animal was injured and desperately needed attention, so she quickly called Alberta Animal Services, who rushed the cat to its facility for immediate care.

The veterinarians identified the cat as having experienced severe mistreatment very immediately. The cat had been smothered, which had caused neurological problems and blindness, according to an inspection. In addition to being blind, he also had a shattered pelvis and was starving.

Erica Coomber, director of operations for Alberta Animal Services, stated, “The poor cat had major head damage, and no one knew if he would make it.”

“At this point his neurological issues are not getting any better,” Coomber said. “What this kitty has gone through is horrendous and we hope and pray that we can get him through this and he makes a full recovery.”

But thanks to the help of the vets and staff, he began regain his sight. Despite his tough condition, he’s already proven that he’s a fighter. We hope that with the right care he can go on to make a full recovery.

Coomber said that he loved everyone, despite the abuse, and that he sought out the personnel at the animal care facility’s compassion. According to a Facebook post on the AAS page, “[He] begins purring and requests hugs as soon [as] [he] hears or sees the animal nurses.”

After a character from the television series “Heroes,” the shelter chose to give him the name Hiro. We are relieved to see that he is now enjoying a healthy and happy life with his brand-new, devoted family.

“As soon as Hiro was named, I believed it was perfect because of his relentless fight against the odds to win his battle to live. He really is a super Hiro.

All heroes deserve a cape,” the woman who saved him said.

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