A Kitten Found In The Trash Is Adopted By A Family With Children Who Have Suffered The Most Abuse

Ilene, the kitten that was born without eyes, had a difficult start in life. On a wet day in California, it was discovered at a waste dump. They wrapped her in a sack and left her there.

The saddest part wasn’t the way they chose to get rid of her; the most tragic aspect was that she was an abandoned kitten who couldn’t even see.

Ilene had no eyes when she was born, and she must have been scared. She did not, however, allow this to destroy her spirit; she knew better days were ahead.

Her pleas for assistance were heard by a compassionate guy, who wrapped her in a T-shirt and drove her to a local animal sanctuary in Madera, California.

It was all sweetness from the minute it was transferred from California to the Oregon Humane Society. This little girl was made to love, and she wasn’t going to let her handicap stop her from being a lively kitty.

It was discovered shortly after his arrival that he would require eye surgery to prevent the illness from spreading. This girl was ready to be adopted not long after that.

But who would be the ideal family for this lovely young lady? Alanna Lundin and her three adopted daughters, Cassandra, Eliha, and Samantha, appear to have learned of Ilene’s situation and taken an interest in her.

Cassandra, 18, Elijah, 14, and Samantha, 13, were in desperate need of Alanna’s help three years ago. All three youngsters were said to be terrified and undernourished.

It was sad, according to Alanna. Hearing the accounts of the three orphans undoubtedly made him cry every night for a year. It was difficult for her to believe such a narrative occurred because she had grown up with loving parents.

The three youngsters were legally adopted by Alanna last October after three years in her care.

So how could they refuse the kitten a new family and a lifelong home? Ilene seemed to get along swimmingly with Alanna and her three children, and, of course?

The blind kitten will always have other fuzzy companions to play with and share with since this lovely family helps grow pets via the Oregon Humane Society.

The three brothers are unconcerned about raising the animals and are willing to assist with the duties. They’ve learnt a lot about empathy, which is a challenging concept to convey when you don’t come from a family where good things are done selflessly.

When Cassandra’s mother and brother brought Ilene home, the bond was instantaneous, according to Cassandra. The kitten has been recognized as the small ones. He would go weeks without eating After hearing the tales of the kitten’s abandonment, he let them know almost immediately that he was the ideal pet for them.


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