Stray Cat Miraculously Survives Being H.i.t By Bus And Finds Forever Home

She’s one tough cat. 🐈♥️♥️



The four-year-old feline was clearly but fled as bystanders tried to help her.

The Royal Society for the [Prevention of Cr.ue.lty to Animals (RSPCA) Southridge Animal Centre] heard about the cat and spent over two weeks searching for her. After posting on social media, reaching out to locals, and hanging posters, the cat was spotted 16 days later and rescued.

She was rushed to a vet who immediately started to treat her extensive head The feline had a jaw, which prevented her from eating, so she was very weak and underweight. One of her eyes was in the ac.cid.ent and needed to be

The staff named her Trudie after St Gertrude the Patron Saint of Cats.
The resilient cat spent the next six months recovering and winning the hearts of all staff members. While no one wanted to see Trudie go, it was time to find her a loving forever home.
She’s still a youngster and absolutely loves to play but is also a real cuddlebug and will curl up on your lap within seconds of you sitting down.


Dennis Hooper and his partner Shirley Carter stepped up to offer the sweet tortoiseshell a purr-fect forever home. The couple said: We’re big animal-lovers, particularly cats, and I knew I’d choose an animal who had been through the worst time so I could show them a lovely life.

Trudie is doing well in her new home. She wants for nothing and spends her days napping in the sun and watching birds.

Dennis provided an update: She is smashing; she absolutely loves fuss and is a really sweetie. She is progressing really well. She loves to spend time in the sunny conservatory; she has her own chair, two armchairs and a settee to choose from so she moves around to snooze in different spots!

Trudie is greatly missed by the staff and volunteers, but Dennis invited them to come see her whenever they want.

We So glad to see you are doing better and found

Poor thing…! But So glad she is recovering and found a loving home have a lovely life sweetheart 😽 ❤️ and enjoy your best years! ❤️🌹🌹

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