In The Dead Of Winter Left Behind In A Condemned Home The Only Reason He Was Stillalive was Due To The Kindoness OF Strangers


The only reason he had survived up to this point was because of an open window and the kindness of passers-by.

Thankfully, Ashley, from Hearthside Cats, learned about Bob’s predicament and was quickly on the scene only to find a senior cat with one of the most heightened fear responses she had ever seen

After plucking her new friend to safety, Ashley was told in no uncertain terms what Bob thought about his new situation.

Due to all of the bleeding around his nose and mouth, he was quickly transported to Perry Vets where he was given a thorough examination, including fluids, and bloodwork.

“There is a concern for a clotting issue with the bleeding after neuter and intermittently from the nose and mouth, but I’m hopeful that his bloodwork will return to normal range and that with time, his little body will continue to heal,” said Ashley.

Most often these cats just need the time and space to feel safe and heal, to learn kindness and trust.”

“It took him two weeks to figure out that the blankets were for him to lay on; the little things that make your heart ache.”

After more trips to the vet, abnormalities came back in Bob’s initial bloodwork which resulted in a suspicion that he may have a hemostatic disorder. This meant his blood lacks the ability to clot.

“Hang in there, little Bob-O. You are so loved.”

With lots of love, coupled with the right medication, Bob’s health began to improve.

As his energy began to improve, Bob continued to work on his confidence. In the process gradually beginning to trust humans again.

Some days you wonder why nothing can ever be easy. And then you look at sweet faces like Bob’s and wonder if maybe they found you for a reason.”

Sometimes it’s hard for a small rescue to keep up with the demands a large feral cat population places on them. Bu Ashley and her team continue to place one foot in front of the other.

This selfless dedication has saved Bob’s life, in the process giving him a future to look forward to and a life he always deserved to have.

As The Rain Poured Down, They Sheltered Under Her Window, On Their Own, Doing Their Best To Stay Dry!

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