A Cat Who Went Missing Was Found 13 years Later With The Help Of Social Media

Alfie, the cat’s owner, Shelley Brockbank, lost hope of ever seeing her beloved pet again after he went missing in 2009. She did everything she could to find him – from posting flyers around town to contacting local shelters and interviewing residents. Unfortunately, she came up with no results. However, upon realizing that Alfie liked to jump into other people’s cars often, Shelley eventually hazards a guess that he might have been accidentally taken away by somebody. Consequently, over the years, she watched hopelessly for any sign of Alfie…

Last month, an incredible event occurred – 13 years after he disappeared, Shelley discovered her pet on social media. She was scrolling through her newsfeed when she came across a post from the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter about an amiable stray cat named Buddy. Even though the animal had changed significantly, Shelly immediately recognized him as Alfie.

As soon as the girl called the shelter, she set up a meeting to find her missing pet. According to the people working at the facility, it’s possible that Alfie lived in two different homes during his time away. Still, he eventually ended up on the street and was picked up by trapping staff.

Alfie’s adventures end, but thirteen years later, he finds himself back in the same place he escaped. And this time, Shelly has no intention of letting him out of her sight.

He’s finally home!” the girl posted on social media. —  “The first night went well, and I hope he still remembers me.”

Shelley’s life has changed a lot over the years too. She became a mom, and her children are glad to have a pet in the house. Shelley’s oldest daughter, Amelia, didn’t know her mother had a cat before, but she is pleased that the pet could be reunited with its first family.

After going missing when he was only four years old, Alfie is now a grandfather at 17. He loves warmth, comfort, and care more than anything else– perhaps now that he has all those things, the cat will stop running away from home in search of adventure. Shelly and her family hope so.

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