Rescue Pretty Cat Who Cant walk Becomes Nurse Helps Sick Animals And Even Saves Their Lives

Let us introduce you to a fellow nurse like no other. the pretty cat His name is Lucifer and not it’s not the devil but quite the opposite!!It is the best nurse pretty cat in the world and it comes straight from Perm, in western Russia.

Adopted with paralysis of the hind legs he does not run on the roof to watch over the inhabitants of the city but he recycled himself by an assistant to the local veterinary clinic…

His best asset? Comforting the four-legged patients of the clinic earned him an official work post

His job he knows him well he knows very well what pain and the need for comfort mean.

For good reason, his paralysis. A few years earlier the veterinarians who adopted him had found him injured in the spine which resulted in the loss of his rear motor skills. the pretty cat drags himself to the ground to move.

But it was not this paralysis that prevented him from earning our great respect. Lucifer also saved lives! He donates blood to other cute cats.

Here are some pictures of our hero of the day but you can also follow his beautiful stories by going to see his Instagram account. AND YES he has an Instagram account! Hat!

Hello, my name is Lucifer, but I prefer Luc. I live in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. I don’t know what it means to walk because when my new owners found me I had a problem with my legs.

They think that it’s because I once got squeezed by the door and now I have a damaged spine.

Now I am very happy because I have work and family. I like to help animals in my clinic, support them, and explain that they need to live. After suffering myself, I can now really understand others.


I often cuddle with patients to keep them warm. I still have difficulties walking but nothing can stop me from comforting other healing animals.

Animals at the clinic enjoy my comforting presence. I am sometimes a donor for cats, and I’ve already saved some lives. I am very proud of this, and I take my job very seriously!

Also, I am a model and we make a lot of advertising in our department of marketing. One day I even gave an interview for one online site. No, I am not a star. I am a cat, but sometimes I feel more like a human. I want to say a big thanks to my clinic for this chance to live and help animals in need.

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