A missing Cat since Spring Flood In Michigan Finally Finds Her Way To Get Home After 8 months

Olive, the pretty cat, was reunited in January 2021 with her family after going missing during the 2020 spring flooding in Midland.

Ashley Flood found Olive and brought her into the Humane Society of Midland County, where she was scanned for a microchip, leading to her family reunion. Courtesy of the Humane Society of Midland County, Facebook…

She had been ready to embrace her when there was not any proprietor.

“She moved directly to it, and that I could only tell at the point she had been shivering and could not keep her paws on the floor, and it was sad,” said Flood. “At this stage, we brought her when we noticed when she wanted help.”

The few went out to research on Saturday, Jan. 2 and watched a grey pretty cat roaming with their Midland apartment. Since the cat seemed healthy rather than in immediate demand, Flood stated they went back indoors.

Olive was on her for months throughout the tragedy – a rainstorm that struck mid-Michigan starting on Sunday, May 17, causing a Flood that damaged houses and land, driven more than 10,000 people to flee, also induced by the Edenville and Sanford dam failures…

The training paid since the cat made its appearance the following day after the sun went down. The few heard meowing out and set a cardboard box outside with a towel inside while getting things prepared inside to your furry visitor.

“It brought it to the view of how long that she had been missing and being able to watch her being reunited with her loved ones after yet many months, it was great to be part of the, to assist with this, so was pleasant,” Flood said.

You will find local cats who roam, and they go back to where they reside,” explained Ashley Flood. “This one was quite stubborn, and it wouldn’t leave our doorstep.”

“It saves a lot of creatures and has so many creatures back to their own houses, particularly when they have been missing for quite a while,” she added…

In case the cat came back the following night, Flood requested guidance from her friends who’d endangered animals before and made a litter box and food by a coworker.

“I figure she had been skeptical since they’d lost her throughout the flooding and believed she had been gone,” she explained.

But, Flood explained that the Humane Society discovered her microchip, and within moments, the team needed the contact info for her owner, the cat’s era, and her birthday.

Flood explained that the owners could not feel that Olive was discovered.

“We left her to the nighttime; we did not bring her in the night,” she explained. “A few times that night had been awakened with her meowing.”

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