Cat Reunited With Owners Three Weeks After Escaping Carrier At Boston Logan Airoport

A cat named Rowdy lived up to her name on a recent airport adventure. The feline got out of her carrier after landing, purportedly chasing some birds. Three weeks, many efforts at catching her, and a prolonged chase later, the rambunctious cat is back with her owners.

Four-year-old Rowdy was put into cargo as her family moved back to the United States from Germany, where they’d been stationed in the Army for 15 years. While her carrier was unloaded at Boston Logan International Airport, she took her chance and made a break for it.

When one of her owners, Patty Sahli, arrived to pick up her cat and husband, Lufthansa staff told her what had happened and that they weren’t sure where the cat had gone. This was back on June 24.

Over the following weeks, Rowdy had many people on her tail, including airport staff, Lufthansa staff, construction workers, and animal advocates. With traps and wildlife cameras utilized, she still managed to evade all of these efforts.

That is, until July 13. On that day, Massport, which operates the airport, said, “True to her name, this frisky feline escaped her kitty kennel upon her Lufthansa flight’s arrival on June 24 and had been roaming the airport ever since. Whether out of fatigue or hunger we’ll never know, but this morning she finally let herself be caught.”

After a vet examination, Rowdy was found to be healthy, just a little scared and hungry.

Upon their reunion, Sahli said, “It was such a community effort. We’re just so grateful to everyone who helped look for her.”

She also joked with NBC10 Boston that there may be a reason Rowdy was so comfortable at the airport, explaining that she loves inspecting everything so would be great at airport security.

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