Kitty Pretends To Be A Stray In Order To Receive Free Food From Shoppers

Minnie, a four-year-old tabby that has been deceiving locals for over a year, sits around in front of her local supermarket in Netherfield, United Kingdom.

She does have a lovely home with a kind person who spoils her with food and goodies!

Millie’s house is about a minute’s walk from the grocery, and Minnie’s human tried to dissuade her from going there.

Andrea, her human, would take her to the supermarket every time she managed to slip out of the house.

Minnie is a determined feline who has even harmed herself by jumping out the window. She’s done everything to keep her inside, but she’s a stubborn kitty.

Andrea gave up attempting to stop Minnie after that; it was evident that she was going to achieve what she wanted. Minnie, on the other hand, doesn’t go to the grocery solely to be fed; she enjoys the attention.

People come to the store only to watch Minnie, according to the store supervisor, and the staff adores her as well. They’ve even fashioned her a tiny cat bed and posted a warning to keep people from overfeeding her.

Despite the warning, the locals continue to feed Minnie, and they’ve even improved her outside quarters!

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