20 Daring Cats Sitting In The Most Random Places

You can never tell a cat what to do.

Cats are just independent creatures. They do what they want and nobody can dictate what they should do because they never listen to anyone. Our four-legged furry friends are chunky balls of weirdness. They have their own scientific laws and no one knows what’s going on in their heads. They are not afraid of confronting anyone who crosses their path. Cats appear to know exactly what they’re doing but for us humans, they’re difficult to predict. No one knows what’s gonna be their next move.

However, we are certain of one thing, cats sit in the most unexpected spots. It’s just always a weird place and one won’t sit there. However, cats would sit exactly there. They have extremely flexible bodies that have the ability to liquify whenever needed. Cats use this flexibility to their advantage and don’t shy away from trying out new spots to sit. They would ignore all the comfy sitting areas like sofas, beds, and chairs and proudly place their furry butts on the rough and uneven surfaces such as egg trays and keyboards. I guess cats will always be cats. Here we have combined 20 photos of a*shole cats sitting where they shouldn’t. Scroll down and check them out.

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