Rainbow was saved from euthanasia she has a Manx Syndrom she s not Broken just different 1

Rainbow was saved from euthanasia. She has a Manx Syndrom. She’s not broken, just different! @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  sai

Mom, i’m not broken, just a little different @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

Rainbow the kitten with Manx Syndrom. She’s purrfect in her own way. @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

Rainbow is a cat with special needs! She’s not broken, just different ❤ @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

Whatever works for you. Silly kitten 😍 @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said


The new way of driking water 💧 @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

Nap time 💤 @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

I’m not broken, i’m just a little different.

Rainbow has a manx syndrom and was brought to us when she was 8 weeks old. She was going to be euthanized but was saved ❤

She’s now almost 6 months old and we are still trying to find her a purrfect match. She’s the sweetest and cutest cat ever. I swear ❤ @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

Tbt when Rainbow was just tiny cutie. The picture was taken the day she was visiting a specialist @centreveterinairelaval .

She was soo cute wasn’t she? @one.cat.at.a.time.rescue  said

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