They Would See If Any were Alive At 9 Am i Got a Call That She Had Passed Another Dead Fetus Before surgery And there Was 1 Dead One Inside Howeyer!!! there were 3 kittens live little ones.they were quiet But There was hope i feared they would die before coming home

How many babies do you see? I guess I’ll be having some Fall time babies soon. She cane all the way from the coast to be given a chance and have her kittens

Courtney Love wants you to know she’s very very pregnant. Her X-rays are a couple posts down on my timeline. @theswiftiekittens said

So. After a long night, lots of tears and feeling like I failed her, she’s coming home with 3 littles. Let’s start from the beginning

On Wednesday she started showing signs of impending birth. I researched and questioned experts and was told to wait. So, wait we did. Flash forward to 2 am today. I woke up to find a dead malformed fetus born and Courtney seeming very uncomfortable. I rushed her to the ER. They told me her babies were dead as far as they could see on ultrasound. I approved emergency surgery with spay. They would see if any were alive. At 9 am I got a call that she had passed another dead fetus before surgery and there was 1 dead one inside. However!!! There were 3 live little ones. They were quiet but there was hope. I feared they would die before coming

Truly, time will tell but they are latching on and mom is purring on the way home. I’ll keep everyone updated as best as I can

If you’ve read this far and can donate to help cover this new little foster families surgery and care we’d appreciate it. @theswiftiekittens said

Momma Courtney loves scratched and her 3 babies. They all lost a little weight overnight. I have started to supplement them while she gets more milk in. She’s very devoted to them and let’s them nurse for hours

In other great news! We met our fundraising goal and actually exceeded it. I don’t have her final bill but if you wish to have a refund once it’s in, please let me know. Otherwise, it will still go to Courtney and her babies for food, cat litter and anything else they ever need. Thank you so much. I’m overwhelmed with your love and support. We raised $1,917.97. Thank you!!! @theswiftiekittens said

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