Left Behind By Its Owner A Cat Wanders Into A Neighbor’s Home and Falls In Love AllOver Again

Valentino is a Ragdoll cat that lives with Debbie, his pet mom. He’s a snuggly, lovely boy who enjoys following his mother everywhere. He is loved and cared for now, but it wasn’t always so.

Valentino used to be part of a different family, but when they relocated, they abandoned Valentino, leaving him to fend for himself on the freezing streets of the neighborhood.

The sad feline was left homeless as well as without the family he’d learned to adore.

Valentino started walking throughout the neighborhood looking for food and warmth.

Fortunately for the bereft Ragdoll, his new neighbors were more kind than his old family.

One of his neighbors opened her home to him, offering him both shelter and food, despite the fact that her husband was allergic to cats.

She just couldn’t stand watching that poor little cat wandering around, cold and alone, without doing something.

Valentino was allowed to reside in her garage, where she made sure he was comfortable.

But she realized he couldn’t stay there indefinitely.

This sweet little kitty needed a home where he could roam freely.

Fortunately, she knew Debbie Harris, a coworker who adores cats.

Harris has a special heart for abandoned cats and has been fostering animals for over ten years.

She was more than pleased to give young Valentino a loving home when contacted by a coworker.

Harris took Valentino to the vet to get him checked out; life on the streets can be very rough on a cat.

There, Valentino received some treatment for his sniffles, got his shots, and got some sorely needed grooming.

He’s at ease with his new mother now, and he’s finally got the family he deserves.

He enjoys cuddling and is grateful to his adoptive mother for taking him in.

Credit: fb/Lima.Smith

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