The Sassiest Kitten Transforms Into A Teddy Bear Which Is Just As Adorable

A nice friend gave this adorable kitty to Stephen Stringer. In honor of his late grandfather, Stephen called his pet Norris. He took a kitten to Staffordshire animal rights campaigners one lovely day to be microchipped.

The standard method did not look promising. When the doctor implanted the microchip, though, Norris became weak and immobile all of a sudden. The kitten’s body behaved so bizarrely to the typical chipping that the physicians advised the owner to euthanize the animal.

Stephen was shocked and confused, but, fortunately, Paul was nearby, the same friend who gave the kitten. Paul expressed his emotions in response to the incident on his Facebook page and emphasized that the kitten must have suffered because the veterinarians made a mistake.

“For a long period, the kitten does not hold its head, does not move its paws, and does not open its eyes. “At the moment, the microchip is being removed, and we’re waiting in line for an MRI,” Paul explained.

Stephen, the kitten’s owner, was unsure if the cat was a tenant, but he refused to put him down. Then a miracle occurred: the baby began to recover. He had to go through a lot of medical treatments, but the most important thing is that he wants to live.

His owner took multiple films, all of which plainly demonstrate that the pet is making a full recovery.

Apparently, Stephen understood what he was doing when he refused euthanasia. Presumably, Norris will get better in the future.

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