Two Stray Cats Were Wandering The Streets Together They Don’t Wan To Be Separated Even After They’ve Been Rescued

A family from Montreal, Canada, discovered kittens who had been abandoned by their mother cat. They were only a few weeks old at the time, exploring the area for food and keeping an eye on each other. They required assistance as well as a place to call home.

Stephanie, a local animal rights activist, rescued the kittens and carefully transported them to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, where they were given a second shot at life. The kittens were transported to the veterinarian for an examination that was required by law.

From the start, brother and sister were inseparably linked.

As soon as they were covered in a towel in a little double burrito, they promptly calmed down.

When they have each other, no one is happy than they are. Kali, the gray girl, is the boldest of the two, while Gusto, the red-haired boy, enjoys copying whatever his sister does.

“They have settled into their temporary home and are already happy to run around and have fun,” says Celine Krom from Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Together, the kittens learned to eat solid food from a saucer and quickly adapted to domestic life.

They conduct different pranks and pranks throughout the home, much like a little band of burglars.

“They are pleasant, charming, and loving.” They are strikingly similar, yet their personalities are completely different, according to Selin. “Kali enjoys human hugs and meeting new people.”

Her brother is quiet and reserved, but she is bold, restless, and chatty.

They doze together close to their foster parents when they are not dashing headlong across the room, playing and fighting.

Brother and sister are relieved to be in a secure place with nice meals and the companionship of kind people after walking the streets and defending one other.

They have come all this way together and are now ready for the next adventure together – moving to permanent owners.

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