A Boy Was Entering The Bank Did Not Expect To Save A Kitten

Dan Yavetz was on his way to the bank in Silver Spring, Maryland, when he became sidetracked on his way in. But the short detour was well worth it when he saved a life unexpectedly.

Yavetz told The Dodo, “I heard this little meow coming from underneath the automobiles parked in front of the bank.” “When I got down, I noticed a kitty hiding and called her out. Surprisingly, she dashed out the door and leaped into my arms.”

The kitten was ready to be rescued and could tell that Yavetz was the right man to help.

“Instead of having to coax her out and work on her, she ran out right away, and I grabbed her, and she started purring and was really comfortable,” Yavetz said. “She was a beautiful-looking baby cat.”

Yavetz imagined the nice cat had escaped from the shopping center’s animal hospital and proceeded to retrieve her. “I walked in and asked, ‘Who’s missing a cat?’ and no one claimed her,” said Yavetz.

The kitten was scanned for a microchip by the veterinary staff, but when none was found, Yavetz returned the kitten to his mechanic shop and gas station to continue the day.

Yavetz described her as “absolutely a road cat.” “She was sitting in the passenger seat on my shoulder on the way home.” “Really cool, not nervous at all, just full of love and energy.”

Yavetz felt he needed to find the kitten a family of her own because he already had two cats at home. He’d grown connected to her after only a few days of caring for her.

That’s when he discovered the ideal solution: his 8-year-old daughter’s closest friend’s family was wanting to adopt a cat. “It’s the best of all worlds,” Yavetz said. “Not only did I find a nice home for this cat, but we’re always going over there for the kids to hang out, so I get to see her a lot.”

Lily, the kitten’s new name, is having a great time in her new home. But she’s always delighted when Yavetz pays her a visit.

“She’s always hopping about every time we go over there,” Yavetz said. “She likes the cat tower and scratching post, and she’s a huge snuggler.”


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