Two kittens that are inextricably linked discover the perfect home where they can stand on their own two feet.

Saving Grace Rescue volunteers in California were alerted to a pair of kittens in trouble two months ago.

“They came into the shelter with ringworm when they were around four weeks old,” explains Amber, the founder of the Saving Grace Rescue organization. “That morning, a foster volunteer named Joyce playfully called for ginger kittens, and lo and behold, these two showed up.”

Joyce jumреd right in to aid the children, whom she dubbed Ruth and Ginsburg. The kittens soon recovered from the overexposure and expressed gratitude to their loving caregiver for meeting all of their requirements.

From the very beginning, the brother and sister were very playful and curious and followed their foster mother around the room on their heels.

Ginsburg did not gain weight at first. His sister Ruthie encouraged him, was by his side, and participated in all the common activities with infectious vivacity. When Ginsburg jumреd on the scales for the regular weigh-in, Ruthie went after her – not to leave her brother.

Kittens aren’t afraid to make their numerous wants known locally. Ginsburg is still a talker who begins each day with a meeting with his foster mother. If he wants affection and attention, he will go to great lengths to be heard.

Ginsburg and Ruthie were already hooligans and seeking trouble with their fuzzy butts when they were just a few weeks old. Joyce was frequently discovered with both of them assaulting her leg. She had to go around the room with two kittens dangling from her leg, all four paws clinging to her thigh.

The relationship between brother and sister is quite tight. “They’re always covering for one another.” I feed one cat, while the other is already crawling up my leg – where would we be without him?

The kittens ultimately healed and flourished after a long period of medication and care. They are adorable, healthy, with enormous tummies, and quite enthusiastic, as seen by their attempts in the midst of the pandemonium in the house.

“Ginsburg makes sure to let you know when he needs attention. For example, my husband is sitting at work – the kitten comes up, sits right in front of him, and meows heartbreakingly until he is picked up in his arms, ”says Joyce.

“Ruthy is a courageous young lady who is often the first to attempt new things. She was the first to try sneaking out of the arena through the door. Loves to go on adventures.”

“Her most recent accomplishment is gaining Queen Skittles’ heart. It didn’t go away.”

Finally, the kittens are ready to go on to the next chapter of their lives. Ginsburg and Ruth are seeking a permanent house for the two of them, as they are unable to live apart.

Hector, a local cat, teaches the youngsters how to be genuine saffrons.

“They love each other and always have each other,” says Joyce.

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