The Cutest Way For A Blind Cat To Tell Her Dad She’s Out Of Water

Winnie, along with her siblings, was taken in by Austin Pets Alive when she was just a kitten. She was the runt of the litter, and it didn’t take long for her rеscuеrs to figure out she was blind from birth. She was the only one born with any health problems, but that didn’t stop her from finding the ideal household and developing into a loving, eccentric cat.

On most days, it’s difficult to tell Winnie is blind. She knows her way about her house really well, and while she occasionally runs into objects, she never lets anything slow her down. Winnie has two cat siblings and two dog siblings, and they’re all extremely kind and protective of her, as if they sense she’s a bit odd, but Winnie doesn’t require any protection.

Winnie’s father, Kristopher Smith, told The Dodo, “She’s actually the greatest in the house at collecting flies, and I’m not sure how.” “She meows normally, but she also has a chirp that she utilizes when she runs about or gets agitated, which leads me to believe she uses it as a form of sonar or echolocation.”

Winnie’s blindness does not slow her down, but it does cause her to have some peculiar habits. Because she can’t see where she’s going, she prefers to hang around in strange areas…

…and she communicates with her family in unusual ways.

Winnie observed that her water bowl appeared to be a bit empty one day. She crawled into the bowl just to make sure it was indeed empty…

… and then settled in to wait for one of her parents to bring her more water.

Smith explained, “She was sitting in the dish for a few minutes before I noticed.” “When she heard me going for the bowl, she leaped out and started chirping.”

Winnie determined the best method to have her water bowl replenished was to wait within it until her parents spotted her and came to refill it, which she did, and it worked. Winnie is blind, but she is incredibly resourceful.

Winnie’s blindness appears to have given her a sense of serenity and compassion that many other cats lack. When her mother needed brain surgery, her father believed Winnie would be the greatest person to console her, so he and Winnie devised a plan to make it happen.

Smith stated, “I convinced the nurse to let me smuggle Winnie into the ICU to visit her and she behaved fantastic.” “I never imagined a cat, much alone a blind cat, being so relaxed in such a scenario.” She fell asleep beside her mother in the hospital bed till we had to leave.”

Winnie has also visited patients at the Alzheimer care home where her parents work, and has done an outstanding job of providing comfort and joy to them. Winnie’s eccentricities contribute to shape her into the wonderful, one-of-a-kind cat she is, and her family wouldn’t have her any other way.

“She’s a one-of-a-kind cat, and everyone who meets her adores her,” Smith said.

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