Sweet Cats Cuddle With Mom After Surgery To Comfort And Make Her Feel Better

If you own a pet, you already know that your furry pals are the finest medicine for making you feel better when you’re depressed or unwell. Sometimes they even know which medications or therapies are best for you – in Deb Clay’s case, it was some cuddling.

Deb Clay is an animal enthusiast who has spent years volunteering at veterinary clinics and rescuing animals in need. Mojo, Faith, Ossie, Holley, and Timmy are the five rescue cats she and her husband are presently caring for. Despite the couple’s best efforts to locate them new permanent homes, they understood that no cat wanted to leave their home. They all adore their parents and make every effort to show it whenever possible.

After a knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago, Clay needed time to rest and recover at home. She couldn’t move around a lot, so she often rested in the bed. All five cats immediately noticed that there was something wrong with their beloved mom.

Normally, cats avoid cuddling with their mother at the same time. When they saw she was unwell, though, they felt they had to assist her. They all snuggled up to her, attempting to soothe and cheer her up.

“I was resting with them all around me.” “I was exhausted, and it was rare for all of them to be with me since there was some cat politics between a couple,” Clay explained. “However, having them about me, I felt really relaxed.”

Clay is extremely grateful for her small kitties, who make her feel loved and joyful all of the time.

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