Tiny Kitten Escapes The Bushes And Approaches Her New Mom

Cassie was walking out the door when she heard a strange chirping noise coming from behind her. When she arrived at the bush, she saw a kitten sheltering within. When the kitty noticed Cassie, she sprang from the brush and approached her. When she took up the cat, it snarled at her at first, but then quickly melted.

“I pick her up, put her on my chest and I walk her over to where my stuff is. I found a Frisbee in my car and so I filled that up with water and she’s just drinking and drinking and drinking. I had cat food in my car for my cats, so I grabbed some of that and gave it to her and she’s just like scarfing it down,” Cassie said.

The kitty refused to leave Cassie, perched up on her shoulder, and refused to go. “She follows me around everywhere.” She would follow me around everywhere I went, back and forth. She was adamant about not leaving my side. And I knew she was going to be with me forever the second she ran up to me.”

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