When Someone Drops A 30 Pound Cat To The Shelter The Staff Is Shocked

Someone walked into the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) on December 17th to surrender a cat, which isn’t unusual — except that this cat weighed roughly 30 pounds.

Disco is a white, fluffy, and plump cat. He’s a lot heavier than a cat his size should be, and the shelter understood they’d have to assist him in losing weight.

“Disco gained 30 pounds because he was free-fed in his prior home, and allegedly he lacks self-control,” HSPPR public relations and content expert Cody Costra told The Dodo.

Despite his weight, everyone at the shelter could quickly see that Disco was a very happy cat and had no trouble settling into his new environment pretty much right away.

“​Disco is the friendliest cat you could ever imagine,” Costra said. “He’s a giant love bug that has been friendly to every staff member that has interacted with him, and he likes to purr for attention, lean into you for pets and give soft blinks.”


The shelter wants to help Disco become a little healthier before he starts looking for his permanent home, and he’s presently being cared for by a foster family who can assist him. When Disco is ready to be adopted, finding the proper home shouldn’t be too difficult. He adores children, dogs, and other cats, as well as people in general. The only thing he’ll absolutely require is a family willing to stick to a healthcare regimen.

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