People Were Complaining About A Stray Cat Hanging Around A Law Firm So They Decided To Turn Him Into A Lawyer

The stray animal population is one of the most serious issues we face in many areas throughout the world. While many individuals and organizations actively work to help these creatures, not everyone is fond of them.

After a heavy rain, a stray cat named Leon decided to seek shelter to avoid the storm. He went inside the Order of Attorneys of Brazil and made it his new home. However, when the friendly cat started to approach guests of the building, some of them got angry and began filing complaints about the cat being in the reception area. They said that the kitten was in the way and there was no space for him in a serious institution.

The OAB, on the other hand, came up with an excellent approach to prevent these objections. They recruited the cat and gave him an employment badge as a lawyer. Whether the newcomers like it or not, the cat will be in charge of greeting them. The positive news rapidly went viral as Dr. Jeanette Laredo published it on social media.

Now Dr. Leon the lawyer Cat is famous and even has his own Instagram page, where more than 50,000 people follow him to learn about his adventures and animal law.

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