Ginger that is stray Cat Accidentally Enters A School Classroom And Decides To Enroll As A Student

This is Tombi, the little orange cat wandered into a public elementary school in the city of Izmir, Turkey and decided to make it his forever home and the students there his friends.

Last month, Tombi showed up in the school’s garden and just kept coming back. Unlike most stray cats in the area, who can be skittish and scared of people, Tombi is friendly and outgoing. He loves walking up to the children seeking pets and attention.

No one knows exactly where Tombi came from, but there is no doubt at all that he has found the place where he belongs. After a couple of weeks of hanging around the school’s garden, he decided to become a student. So, he wandered into third grade classroom to start his study.

When the small kitten wandered into the class of Zlem Pnar Ivaşcu, a third grade teacher at the school, she was taken aback. Ivaşcu told The Dodo, “He came inside our classroom.” “He was a big hit with the kids.” Tombi had quickly established himself as a regular in Mrs. Ivaşcu’s class.

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