All Her Kittens Found Their Forever Homes In No Time! As Weeks Go By She Still Cuddles Whiile She Waits For Her Dreams To Come True!

Not only did she take care of her own kitten, but she also took on three tiny orphans as well. Now she would like her own forever home too.

Plucked from the streets four months ago Bailey and her only kitten were brought into Nashville Cat Rescue, Tennessee for some much-needed care and attention.

A young Mom the orange tabby must be no more than a year old. She was a little shy at first and quite concerned for her baby. First time foster Mom for the rescue Nisa Konuma put up her hand and volunteered to provide the small family a home. A place where she could focus on caring for her kitten.

Once Bailey had settled into her new home and realized she was safe she soon relaxed.

Feeling safe for the first time she now had a permanent roof over her head and a warm bed to snuggle into while nursing baby Whiskey.

Not long after long after arriving Whiskey’s eyes were beginning to open and he started to explore his new home while Mom kicked back and relaxed keeping a watchful eye.

Just as Whiskey was beginning to take his first few steps three little orphans arrived into Nisa’s care. She had high hopes that Bailey might just accept them as her own

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