Tiny Kitten With Big Eyes Finds New Family To Love After Beiing Rejected By His Mother

Guinness appeared to be doomed to perish after only a month on the planet. The little kitten was rejected by its mother, who opted to concentrate on her other stronger and healthier offspring, leaving it to perish.

Fortunately, this small animal’s terrible beginning would lead to a lovely happy ending.

This palm-sized critter, which required 24-hour care, was taken in by Beth Walden, an animal rescuer from Florida, USA.

As soon as she met the tiny kitten, its size shocked her. At three weeks old, it was only the size of a newborn. All the volunteers at the animal shelter were amazed at how small he was. “I knew he was a little wrestler because he had been in the condition he was in for three weeks,” Beth shared.

The kitten was very fragile and had trouble getting food into its stomach, so Beth had to feed it the formula drop by drop with a lot of patience.

She also took care of his eye infection. They weren’t sure if his eyes could be preserved, but they were doing everything they could to assist him in his recovery.

The kitten, whose they named Guinness, brightened up and began to flourish after several restless nights. As he learned how to take the formula from the syringe, his hunger improved. His stomach was round and full.

The little wrestler recovered from his eye infection and revealed his big, beautiful blue eyes. He was still very small for his age, but he tried to play and even learn to walk. Nothing seemed to stop him.

After each feeding, the kitten cuddled up with Beth, who decided to adopt him and take him home. “He’s been strong since the first day I had him,” Beth said. “Guinness is definitely a hugger. He looks like he’s smiling in his sleep, and he sticks his head in and crawls when he wakes up.”

When the kitten was ready to socialize, Beth introduced him to her resident cat, Mr. Tiny Pants. The older cat quickly brought Guinness to him and began petting, pampering and caring for him as if he were his own. Every time they go out now, he makes sure his adopted son doesn’t run away from his mandatory baths.

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