The Family Took A Kitten Home To Care For It But It Was Adopted By Their Doges And Cats

Unbelievably, a family welcomed a kitten into their home with the intention of caring for it and giving it with a foster home, but their dogs and cats took it in. A kind-hearted person discovered the small gray cat in an internet post early this year and saved it.

The small child was alone, abandoned, and suffering from major health issues, so the guy decided to seek aid from a rescue organization, and he found Un Chat à la Fois, a rescue institution in Quebec, Canada. He greeted him without hesitation.

At this location, the volunteers estimated that the kitten, whom they named Felix, was approximately five weeks old and that he suffered from various health conditions.

Un Chat à la Fois’s originator, Marie Simard, said:

“He was so little for his age because he had a gut full of worms.”

Felix’s major health problems made him feel frail and weak after arriving at the rescue facility, which worried everyone.

Felix needed to begin his rehabilitation process in the comfort of a loving home, so Meg, a volunteer, stepped in to help. As a result, she informed the group that she wanted to take him to her caring and comfortable house.

The woman, a dedicated animal lover, keeps dogs, cats, rats, and even a few chickens in her yard. One of her pets, Chucky, died months before Felix was discovered, and Casper, another dog and Chucky’s best buddy, was devastated.

When Felix finally arrived at his new foster home, he felt like his own and quickly warmed up and blended in with his family. Although everyone liked him, the chemistry between Felix and Casper was evident from the beginning, the dog fell in love with his new little friend.

Casper and Félix struck up an instant bond and began hugging, playing, and sleeping together as soon as they met.

Marie stated,

“Felix was chewing Casper’s ears and toes while struggling with his tail. Casper was enamored with it and let her do anything she wanted with it. Casper was growing fond of Felix. He’d lost his morning sparring buddy and bedtime snuggle mate, but Felix quickly filled the need.”

The rest of the big furry family weren’t far behind either, before long taking the newcomer under their wing as well. It was like a welcome, the resident cats at Meg’s house showing him her toys and letting them pet them when needed.

Felix was kind to everyone he met, and he quickly became a valued member of the family.

Felix’s ‘teacher’ was Runty, a tabby cat who taught her how to be a courteous cat and allowed her wrap him in his arms anytime she wished.

“Felix is ​​always running around and makes the cutest meows when he’s too excited. He is not afraid of anything ».

Gunner, a cute 7-year-old chocolate brown dog, was very happy to share his blanket with his new feline friend.

Felix enjoys chasing Trunks the cat around the kitchen, and it remains one of his favorite pastimes despite the passage of time.

Felix has matured into a young cat, gorgeous and full of love to give; when visitors arrive, he greets them with a tiny smile.

Felix and his closest buddy and sibling, Casper, are inseparable and hide beneath the blankets every night as if reading one other bedtime stories.

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