Cat Found Hanging Onto Costructiion Stones Outside now Can Snuggle Soft Blankets Every Day

A few months ago, Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid, received a message about a cat that had been found at a construction site.

The cat named Yellow was then taken into the care of a local foster home, so he could have a safe place to stay and a family to cater to his needs.

Yellow warmed up to his people and even started to show affection. Despite being very wary of other cats, he quickly adjusted to indoor life where he belongs.

After getting neutered and fully vetted, he opened up even more and began to seek affection and cuddles.

A couple of weeks ago, Yellow joined a large number of rescued cats on a long flight across the ocean to their new foster homes in the US.

He quickly felt at home and was very cuddly with his people. He was so pleased with the living arrangements and turned into mush when he was given head scritches.

Yellow who was renamed Elliot, spent his day snuggling with soft things and enjoying his peace and quiet. He adored taking long naps on a big comforter or in his blanket fort

It didn’t take long for him to claim his new home as his kingdom, and snuggle up to any soft things he could scour.

From being abandoned on the streets to being a pampered king of the house, “he surely appreciates his new life.”

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