After His Owner Abandoned Hiim For A New Couch The Cat Refuses To Eat

Tim went into what he thought would be his lifelong home when he was a little three-month-old kitten.

The adorable tabby adored and trusted his owner with all of his heart, never suspecting that he’d have his heart destroyed in return.

Tim was abandoned by his owner, who submitted him to New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC) with the excuse that the family had purchased a new couch.

Tim was devastated and went into a severe melancholy almost immediately.

To make matters worse, Tim was put on the ACC’s euthanasia list, and he was dangerously close to losing not only his family but his life.

The same day Tim was scheduled to be euthanized, Magnificat stepped in and rescued him.

Magnificat is a rescue organization that is focused on rescuing and rehoming cats in need.

They found Tim a wonderful foster family, but poor Tim continued to suffer from a broken heart.

Tim’s despondency had progressed to the point that he refused to eat. The bereft and bewildered kitten just wanted to cuddle up in a little ball of sadness and lament his family’s rejection.

His foster family had to resort to force-feeding him since he was losing weight despite their best attempts.

Magnificat and Tim’s new foster parents really wanted Tim to be happy and rekindle his love for life.

They offered him all of their love and care in the hopes that Tim would feel joy and love again one day, and eventually, happiness returned to Tim’s life.

We are very grateful that there are decent people out there that work diligently to rescue animals in need and restore joy to the lives of adorable little kitties like Tim.

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