Two Cat Brothers Flee The Sewers They Had Been Liiving In Search Of A Better Life

Doctors in Corpus Christi, Texas, discovered two kittens living in a storm drain outside their hospital last month. They’ve been spotted jumping into sewers without a cat mom.

“One of our four volunteers is a hospital volunteer. “The doctor told her the kittens needed help,” says Mary Huckabee, a Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) animal rights activist.

Red tabby kittens were wary of people when they were about ten weeks old. “They needed to be put in a foster family for their safety and the ability to socialize. They were also quite hungry. They appeared to be having trouble finding food.”

A CBCR volunteer went home to gather the essential supplies and food in order to entice the kittens and savе them.

One of the kittens, Red Ryder, crept out of the sewer carefully as they were terrified, unable to resist the fragrance of food any longer. Ralphie, his younger brother, was salivating as well, but he hadn’t gotten up the nerve to venture out yet.

“The first kitten (Red Ryder) jumреd right into the food-filled container. “The second kitten was too terrified to sưrvivе, so a humane trap was put up for him,” Mary explains.

The trap worked ten minutes later, but not as planned. The rеscuе mission was thwarted when a wild cat emerged out of nowhere and swiped the food. “We received an adult savage instead of a little red kitten.”

The trap was reset for the remaining kitten; in the meantime, Red Ryder was taken home to the nannies, and the feral cat was enrolled in the support program, where he was scheduled to be castrated and get the appropriate care.

This was Red Ryder’s first night back home, and he was terrified by the change of landscape and the disappearance of his brother. Red Ryder was able to settle down once Ralphie was apprehended and brought back the next morning, and he eventually fell asleep embracing his brother.

“They were happy to be together again. They likеd getting food, and they really, really likеd it when they scratched their fingers under the chin. ”

Socializing for three or four days in the family of guardians, the two brothers became noticeably liberated and became more confident in getting along with people.

“They began to love the caress more, and they began to explore more.” “They were, well, extremely affectionate in a few of weeks,” Mary continues.

“They most enjoyed lounging on the couch with their foster mother, watching Netflix.”

“Ralphie is a laid-back, easygoing man. “When his brother is present, Red Ryder is a little tense, but joyful,” Mary explains.

“They’re quite connected to each other, and we’re hoping that someone will adơрt the two of them together.”

The brothers recently came out of foster care and are now waiting for permanent homes at The Cattery Cat Shelter (in Corpus Christi, Texas), a partner organization of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue.

Two fearful small boys changed into friendly and attention-seeking kittens in a cozy home with food and care.

“They also likе rewards, which is understandable given how hard they rummaged for food when their mother left them!” These lads will no longer have to endure the hardships of being street cats, but will instead be spoilt pets.

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