A Man Spends A Year Making Friends Wiith A Homeless Cat To Earn His Trust

For a little more than a year, a man named Lex, who didn’t consider himself a cat lover at first, struggled to acquire the trust of a homeless cat. He was certainly patient, and he gradually came closer to the elusive cat he named ‘Cinnabon.’

He observed the small cat was rather underweight when he spotted him about his house, and although he initially paid him little attention, he eventually decided to leave him some tuna in his yard.

A homeless cat spends a year earning a man’s confidence.

Despite Lex’s gesture, the cat did not approach him, it seemed afraid of humans, even so Cinnabon used to return in search of food, so Lex to make sure that the cat had something to eat, kept leaving him water and food on his patio.

“He would just eat from his little bowl of food and water outside my house. And if she noticed me on the other side of the glass, she ran away ».

Lex gradually got more interested in the homeless cat, and decided to build a little house for him in his yard to serve as a sanctuary on chilly evenings. It was a wonderful surprise to see Cinnabon relaxing in the small house filled with blankets.

Lex narrated:

“I recall seeing him at his house as I looked through the window.” He was staring right at me. He merely drew his head down and fell asleep. I believed it was a turning moment when he slept in the house. “It’s like becoming a member of the family.”

Despite their efforts, Cinnabon was not ready to get close to Lex; the homeless cat would have to trust him for a bit longer.

One of the days, Lex noticed a cat meowing outside the home through the glass door; the guy assumed Cinnabon, who was still frightened, wanted to enter the house; he tried to coax him in with food, and once inside the house, the cat eventually allowed Lex to come up and pat it.

Cinnabon and Lex are now families, and the feline prefers living at home with him, despite the fact that the guy frequently leaves his patio door open so the cat may come and go as he pleases.

When Lex sees him return home after being away for a while, she says it makes her very happy. If you want to learn more about these pair of buddies, go to his Instagram profile About him and look at his gorgeous photos.


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