Ginger Kitten Shows No Signs Of Life Until They See A Litle Twitch Of Hope

A little, helpless cat was discovered by two decent people on the side of the road. The cat was abandoned and motionless as it lay on the sidewalk. He was discovered on the ground curled up, covered with ants and bugs. Before they noticed a little limb move in the direction of hope, they believed this small cat was dead.

They knew there was some hope when they noticed him twitch just a bit. They took him up and made the decision to attempt to get him help. They transported the cat to an animal clinic so he could receive the care he need. He was cleaned up by the vet, who also gave him milk and medicines for an eye infection.

He was very hungry so they fed him and helped him get the nutrition he needed.

They named him Alden! He is recovering nicely and has a healthy appetite. Now he’s happy, healthy and adopted by a loving family! I’m so glad they were able to save the poor lifeless kitten!

He was found curled up on the ground, covered in bugs and ants.

They named him Alden!

He eats a lot and is getting more active now.

He was adopted by a kind family and is now content, healthy, and happy!

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