An Abandoned Cat With A Unique Look Finds The Ideal Family

Smushie was abandoned on the streets of Virginia when she was just a kitten and left to fend for herself. Smushie differs from typical cats in appearance due to a few physical issues, including a smushed-in face, a cleft palate, and an undeveloped nose.

Due to her unique looks, she could have scared some people off, but ultimately she met some individuals who felt she was ideal exactly the way she is.

Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby and her husband Brian first noticed Smushie wandering around the alley next to their home. Their neighbor, who happens to work at a vet clinic, also noticed Smushie and attempted to feed her, but the little cat was a bit standoffish.

She seemed nervous to accept food or attention — until one day, she stopped by the couple’s door.

“In late December she came by our house and we offered her food,” Ancarrow-Maltby told The Dodo. “She started to come by more often and on one particularly cold and snowy day, she followed me onto the front porch. As I walked inside, she approached our glass door, sat, placed a paw on the glass, and started crying.

We brought her inside immediately and she has been part of our family ever since.”

Smushie appeared to be searching for the ideal family and telling them when she discovered them that they were supposed to be hers.

As soon as Smushie was theirs, the couple went her to the vet to get examined and to learn how her medical issues would effect her. The one-and-a-half-year-old cat occasionally has problems breathing due to her cleft palate and undeveloped nose, but other than that, she is in wonderful condition and doesn’t appear to be aware of her differences.

“If she gets overly excited she has difficulty breathing through her nose,” Ancarrow-Maltby said. “She is very vocal, and maybe because of her breathing issues, her happy noises are a little unusual, but completely original and endearing. We love it. People tend to notice that her face/nose are a little different, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying life.”

Smushie now likes almost everyone she encounters and enjoys spending time with her family, who also found him as a stray cat on the streets. Brian, Smushie’s father, has a severe allergy to cats, but that hasn’t prevented him from caring for and adopting those that are in need.

He can have terrible allergies, but he loves animals and me, so we manage, according to Ancarrow-Maltby. “We assist animals in need when given the chance.”

Smushie met many people when she lived on the streets, but she never really connected with any of them until she met her new parents. She was just trying to find a family who would accept her for exactly who she is, and her parents are so overjoyed that she chose them.

“She seems to be getting happier and healthier every day,” Ancarrow-Maltby said. “We love her so much!”

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