Five Poor Kittens Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Find Forever Homes

Some people just have no soul. We see countless stories about kittens and pups abandoned on the streets all the time and it just breaks our hearts. Recently, five kittens were found abandoned left on the streets of Oxfordshire in a cardboard box, but luckily, they found new loving homes.

Ana Maria discovered kittens in the box, and they were taken to the Blue Cross shelter for care. It took about six months to totally heal them since they had ringworm. The good news is that they all made a full recovery and were placed for adoption as soon as possible.

However, it wasn’t an easy road to get there. They had to be isolated from other cats and couldn’t have gone to a foster home as ringworm infections require specific treatment.

All of them were missing fur and had cracked skin, which is common for this condition. It was a heartbreaking sight but they stayed together and fought to stay alive.

Littlefoot and Spike, two of the kittens, were adopted together. The other three kittens dispersed in different directions. Even though we would have like to see them all together, we are happy to see that they are thriving in their new residences.

Since their story might have taken a totally different course, we’re happy with how things turned out.

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