Rescue Cat Unexpectedly Gave Biorth Under A Christmas Treee

A Florida family’s cat gave birth to four beautiful kittens under their Christmas tree, and it just might be the cutest Christmas present ever.

The family rescued Tink the cat, nursing her back to health after she was abandoned by her family.

“If we didn’t take her home she would have died. She was all bones,” explained 17-year-old Danielle Lopez.

It would appear that Danielle’s male cat Sagwa and Tink decided that it was time for more cats in the family, and before long, Danielle was in for a surprise.

She walked into the room to find Tink having kittens beneath the family’s Christmas tree.

The four kittens were aptly named Noel, Joy, Christmas, and Faith. Sadly, a fifth kitten was stillborn.

The four kittens are doing well and are sure to have lots of fun over the holiday season.

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