The Right Playmate For The Three Legged Kitty Was Discovered And He Felt Better When He Was Around Him

Rubos (short for Ru) is a red kitten that, together with his brothers, sisters, and mother, arrived at the Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles. The volunteers add, “At birth, both of his hind legs curled around his torso and were horribly malformed.”

His left leg straightened out with physiotherapy, massage, laser treatment, and exercise, but he’s right leg could not be salvaged. Even though it was only 30 cm long, the kitten was keen to follow in the footsteps of other kittens.

“Roo was the tiniest of the brood, but he attempted to keep up with his bigger siblings and sisters by learning to move with his tiny paw.” He epitomizes the phrase “little and distant.”

The red-haired boy always climbed to the very top of the pile of kittens and did not miss a single event. He had a heroic appetite and often asked for more.

When other kittens had already begun to waddle, Ru needed the help of guardians in this matter.

“We helped him move by supporting him under his stomach and guiding him.” “He began to hobble on his own as a result of this, as well as his observation of how his classmates move and play,” the volunteers said.

Ru, the youngest of the siblings, has always wanted to join in on any sibling antics. “Seeing him frolic is excellent because it helps him acquire power and muscle.”

The kitten was given numerous stylish little socks to protect a slight stump.

“We are in awe of this youngster every day.” Nothing is going to stop him! We made sure he walked on as many soft surfaces as possible for his safety.”

Buttercup, a new kitten, was brought to the shelter around this time. The black-and-white child, like Ru, was born with paw abnormalities and required physical treatment to live a normal life.

The newbie with several fingers was also determined. He wanted to climb the wall of the playpen after seeing other kitties do so. He made significant improvements in walking and mobility in less than a month.

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