A cat nicknamed ”ugly” was out of attention but there were those who loved him

A cat named Gulya was different from his relatives from his birth. Due to a birth defect, he had an unusual appearance, so people didn’t like him and constantly bullied him.

Nobody wanted to take him home as a pet. He was even given the nickname ”ugly.”

Gulya turned out to be very friendly and affectionate, he loved to play, run, but no one was going to take this kitten. First of all, they paid attention to his unusual muzzle.

Despite this, the staff tried to do everything to make the cat feel happy. Thanks to them, the cat was completely transformed.
Now he’s not the ”ugly” they once called him. He looks completely different thanks to these kind people.

The organization of animal care does everything to make this kitten accepted and loved. They hope to find people who will do their best for this little miracle.

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