A Smushed-Faced Kitten Finds The Perfect Family

This cat was born with an adorable smushed face and a crazy attitude, as it turns out!

She was discovered on the side of the road, barely alive.

Lynsey, a vet student, saw that she required continual care and took her home to syringe feed her every four hours.

This small kitten had a fighting shot of survival.

She was born with a cleft palate and other congenital abnormalities, which were quickly recognized.

She also developed a ringworm infection and an upper respiratory infection.

Smush, as she is now known, is a fighter who, a few months later, lives with a loving family that includes two loving people, three dogs, three other cats, and a hedgehog!

She’s the fiery one in the family, according to all reports.

Watch the following video:

Credit: thedodo

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