Cat Life Her Kittens At The Door Of A House So They Could Have ABeter Life

A mother cat abandoned her babies on the doorstep of a kind household. Thankfully, the feline brothers found assistance just in time, and their lives were forever transformed.

A family in Canada discovered three young kittens on their doorstep, alone, vulnerable, and without a mother to protect them. The family waited a long time to see whether the mother cat would return for her young, but she never appeared.

One of the kittens died as a result of the bad weather, so the family brought the remaining two inside and tried to bottle-feed them.

They understood their childhood had been difficult, so they sought assistance from Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a Montreal rescue organization. The kittens were roughly five weeks old at the time and were a combination of skin and bones due to malnutrition.

They struggled to consume and maintain food in their bodies long enough to absorb all of the nutrients and begin to generate energy. The kind-hearted family travelled over an hour to Montreal to bring them to good hands after the rescue organization chose to take them in.

“When the sibling couple came into our care, they were in bad shape. We name them Maui (ginger) and Athena (grey), and we begin therapy and a rigorous 24-hour feeding routine with them.”

At their age, the kittens were just half the size of a regular cat and could barely elevate their heads.

Despite their frailty and frailty, they never parted from each other and clung to each other with all their strength to survive.

Celine remarked:

“It’s incredible that they’ve gone this far.” They were severely emaciated, yet they persisted in fighting for survival.”

The kittens clung to their bottles like champions and began to feed as if there was no tomorrow; they were desperate to survive.

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