The Kittens Were Ready Themselves For A Harsh Winter On The Streets But A Caring Lady Arrived Just In Time

A nice woman from Montreal, Canada, saw a couple of kittens without a mother cat near her home.

She sought other kittens, but they were nowhere to be found. The woman continued to care for the two babies while waiting half a day for the mother cat to return.

However, it was getting dark, and no one had claimed the fluffies. The caring woman decided to step in and help.

She built a makeshift shelter and covered it with a blanket. She put water and food, which the kittens quickly swept away. Still waiting for the cat’s return, the woman decided to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, upon waking up, the lady found two fluffies huddled together under the covers. There was no sign of a mother cat, and none of the neighbors came for the kittens. It became obvious that these two were âbаndơnеd.

The mum then pulled the children into the house before seeking assistance from animal rights campaigners Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

“Before they came into our care, the lady looked for the kittens, provided them food and warmth,” explains Celine Krom, an animal rights activist.

The furry brothers, named Sirius and Celestine, got excited, realizing that they are now taken care of and loved. They turned on their purr motors at the same time when they were stroked.

After visiting the veterinarian, the kittens went to overexposure. “At first they were a little shy, but soon they began to show curiosity and a desire to frolic,” adds Celine.

“With the support of our volunteer guardians Menu and Anais, they were eventually able to transition to solid food.”

Kittens are unable to protect themselves against the risks of outside life at six weeks of age, particularly in the harsh Canadian winter. However, a quick rеscuе addressed the situation.

Since their paws first set foot in their new home, the two boys have been inseparable. “They do everything together and don’t look away from each other.” They are lively and enjoy the company of other cats.”

There are two pairs of boots in this set. They start looking for one another after they are no longer near.

“They purr in bed with their humans in the mornings and attaсk in a duet while playing.” Both love hugs and attention, and purr when you touch them.”

They never sleep alone. They are frequently seen closely embracing on a cat tree or on a nice guardian’s bed. “There isn’t enough time to separate them.” They have a wonderful connection.”

Kittens are similar not only in appearance but also in character. Celestine is the leader, he is the first to take food or toys. Sirius always lets his brother have his own way and calmly follows.

Seeing how close they are, the rеscuеrs hope to find a common home for them. “The kittens are full of health and ready to meet loving owners who will take the two of them,” says Celine.

In recent weeks, the adorable black cats have really taken off. They are living a new VIP lifestyle, where they are pampered likе pets should be. All that is left is to locate people who will be with you for the rest of your life!

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