When The Mother Isn’t Looking The Cat Eats The Entire Tack Of Tortillas

When Cowboy was just a kitten, Fishtails Animal Rescue in Philadelphia took him in. Cat Keegan, a volunteer with the rescue, volunteered to foster him while he recovered from an upper respiratory infection.

However, she rapidly discovered the kitten had turned out toe a foster fail.

Keegan has three other cats besides Cowboy, including some special needs rescues, and Cowboy is definitely the leader of the pack. He’s always getting into things and places he shouldn’t, and at this point, his mom has come to expect it.

“He’s an expert at causing trouble and he’s too smart for his own good,” Keegan told.

Cowboy’s absolute favorite way to cause trouble is by trying to steal food. Whether he’s rummaging through the garbage …

… or sneaking around inside the fridge, the mischievous cat is always on a quest to eat things he shouldn’t be eating.

He has made it his life’s work to consume human food, Keegan added. “I frequently have to separate him from me so that I can prepare and consume food. He even attempts to eat a pizza slice or tortilla from the opposite end. If he can get to a bowl of spaghetti sauce, he will lick it clean.

Keegan works as a vet tech at a 24-hour hospital in addition to rescue work, so she’s quite good at keeping up with Cowboy’s antics, but occasionally he’s just too quick

Keegan recently came from the shop and hurried to the restroom before putting all the items in the kitchen. She had just left the room briefly.

But Cowboy just needed that much time to rummage through the grocery bags and tear into a box of tortillas.“He took a bite out of every single tortilla in the pack,” Keegan said. “20 tortillas.”

Cowboy managed to eat through every tortilla in less than a minute, and his mother wasn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed.

Keegan said, “He’s an expert at this now.

Of course, Cowboy attempted to flee with one of the tortillas so he could eat it privately, but his mother was able to prevent him from doing so. He still damaged a lot of food

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