Momma Cat Who Had Lost Her Three Kittens Was Reunited With Three Abandoned Kittens In Need Of A Home

Mikey, an 8-month-old kitty, gave birth to three kittens, but the trio was delivered prematurely and died of weakness. Even the saddest situation, though, might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Three abandoned kittens yearning for their adoptive mother were returned to her by a neighboring shelter.

The kittens were kept at Houston’s Dori’s Darling shelter. Mikey was greeted by Amanda Lowe, the shelter’s foster mother for abandoned kittens, who introduced her to the three kittens in need. Her maternal instincts kicked in, and they became fast friends. After only 15 minutes of the bonding, Mikey decided to nurse the kittens. Mikey seems to have rapidly recovered from her loss since she was permitted to resume her role as a mother.

Scroll down for pictures of the loving cat and her kittens.

8-month-old Mikey gave birth to three kittens, but unfortunately, the trio were born prematurely and had died of weakness.

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