Lost Hungry And Coonfused Witth NO Other CHoiice She Had Nowhere Else To Go

He wasn’t planning on having a cat, however, his uninvited guest refused to take no for an answer!

Dave (Grumpy Aussie Chef) was inside his pizza shop one day when an uninvited visitor slid under the back gate in his yard and invited herself inside! It soon turned out she had nowhere else to go.

At the time he had plans to have a pet of the feline variety, however, this young lady was quite determined and seemed very intent that Dave should be adopted by her!

She seemed more than a little frightened by all the strange noises in this new environment.

Unsure what to do or where to go, and very very lost.

Not long after wandering in she walked right up to Dave and decided it was time he gave her some attention, this involved more than a little TLC.

“I popped her up on my shoulder, and she felt at home right away. She started rubbing against my ears and the back of my neck and purring.


Immediately the little Calico turned on her purr engine, feeling safe and secure next to Dave’s neck. So much so she refused to let go.

Dave thought she could be someone’s pet, so he asked her outside to go check on this possibility, however, she refused the offer.

Off Dave went, knocking on doors, canvassing the neighborhood to see if any was missing a cute calico kitten. No one was, and he quickly realized his new house guest had nowhere else to go.

So Dave took to social media to try and find his new friend a forever home.

He would quickly learn his new friend had plans of her own.




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