The one-eyed cat hopes that someone will like his-permanent winking Read on about his touching story below

When Sarah Richardson of Community Cats of Central Arkansas received a call from another rescue group pleading for help, it was an eventful day. “Whiskers 316 called and said they’d found a cat with a wounded eye,” Sarah explained.

Despite their best efforts, the rescuers were unable to provide the adorable boy with the medical attention he required. Although their vet recommended euthanasia, the ladies of Whiskers 316 hoped that a second opinion would spare his life.

The rescuers reached out to Sarah, thinking she could save him from euthanasia. Sarah answered, “Oh absolutely, I’ll take him,” despite knowing little about the cat.

The next day, Chester was delivered to Sarah. Finally, Sarah could see Chester. What she saw stunned her.

“One of Chester’s eyes had clearly been traumatized,” Sarah recalled. Chester sat on Sarah’s knee, his head in her arms, knowing he could trust her.

Sarah’s heart wrenched seeing Chester’s pain. She was determined to help him in any way she could.

Sarah was presented with another difficult decision just as she began to feel hopeful. Chester developed Feline Leukemia, a virus that damaged his immune system.

Anemia (low blood count) made problems worse.

This puts Chester’s surgery at risk. He might not wake up. Sarah had to make a hasty choice: should she risk Chester’s life for his surgery? She knew surgery was his only hope.

Chester was taken to the vet two days later to have his eye removed and neutered. The vet said Chester’s treatment was one of the most excruciating a cat could endure.


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