This Kitten bebe was born to a feral cat a few days ago (Sad ending rip) Little orange kitten passed away

This kitten bebe was born to a feral cat a few days ago. (Sad ending.. rip) Little orange kitten passed away

My day has been so very long that I almost forgot to introduce this little guy! This bebe was born to a feral cat a few days ago. The whole family was sent into a foster home so mom could raise her kittens safely, but this little one just wasn’t thriving.

He got a vet visit where he was predicted to have a 50-50 chance of survival, but he is a feisty little thing who wants to tell that vet that he’s going to be on the good side of those odds! He was 75g when he arrived last night and after one tube feeding session he’s started eating on his own again and is pushing 100g. @themarigoldkittencrew said.

I can’t wait until he is stable and eating consistently enough to rejoin his family! @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Tony orange baby is doing really well and has the sweetest micro-purrs. He started having some diarrhea yesterday, most likely caused by the formula at this age. A change in formula dilution and some probiotics are doing him well today!

He’s a good eater, although he won’t take to a bottle still—syringe only! Which poses a challenge when he wants to eat more than 10mL…he just gets his meals

I used the term micro-purrs in a previous post, this is what I meant. (Turn the volume up, it’s mandatory) Fun fact: kittens can purr right out of the womb!

Is there anything better than a kitten with a good latch?🍼 @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Before I go into the deeply saddening but important details about why I am forced once again to post a black and white photo of a kitten that lost a battle, I want to make sure every person reading this understands that this is the emotional price that advanced fosters (neonatal, medical, behavioral, and hospice) all pay to give these animals a chance. Life and the ability to thrive is never a guarantee. Sometimes all we can do is be grateful that, at one point in their lives, they were loved, fed, warm, and happy.

Little orange kitten passed away this morning. First went the appetite, then the energy. Then came the distended belly, the passing of only mucus, the painful cries despite being able to pass stool normally. The realization that he had suddenly lost the ability to digest his food and the scramble to find a solution as he faded further away with every minute. The extraction of formula that had been sitting in his stomach for many hours, the warm fluids, the B12, the karo syrup, the antibiotics that he’d already been on for an abscess.

His case sparked an important discussion about gastroparesis with some of the most experienced kitten rescuers in Chicagoland. Many of us have noted identical situations. I am hoping to send out for a necropsy and find out more about what happened.

Comments turned off because, to be honest, I’m not able to handle hundreds of (so appreciated but sometimes overwhelming) comments at this time. But feel free to message me with questions/comments.♥️ @themarigoldkittencrew said. Story from > @themarigoldkittencrew Follow  @themarigoldkittencrew on Instagram for update .

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