When A Cat Was About To Be Put Down, A Vet Tech Decided To Adopt Him Instead

BenBen the cat suffered puncture wounds, a cauliflower ear, and a broken spine when he was discovered walking through the streets as a stray. He was in a bad way, and his prospects didn’t appear promising.

BenBen was discovered by a BCSPCA officer, and because to his condition, he was rushed to an emergency vet clinic right away. He was returned to the BCSPCA after being stabilized, but one of the vet techs at the emergency clinic couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Sandy, BenBen’s new mother, told The Dodo, “I have seen many tragedies in my line of work, and when this little kid came to the clinic, I just couldn’t let him go.”

Sandy was smitten by BenBen’s cute face and gentle demeanor, and she kept an eye on him even after he left the emergency vet clinic where she works. When she told her lover about the odd cat that had won her heart, he fell in love with her as well.

Adam, BenBen’s new father, told The Dodo, “My girlfriend and I have a soft place for creatures who aren’t… normal.” “‘We need him,’ I told her when I first saw a photo of him at the shelter. He shattered our hearts in every manner imaginable. We thought he deserved a chance to live a normal life.”

BenBen’s health continued to deteriorate despite therapy. After he was rescued, he would have to take antibiotics for six months and pain medicine for the remainder of his life. His ear was irreparably injured as well. Because he was unadoptable and visibly in distress, the SPCA determined that euthanizing BenBen was the best option.

Sandy and Adam, on the other hand, determined they couldn’t allow it happen.

“We knew we had to give him a home and an opportunity to be a kitten when I heard out the SPCA was planning to euthanize him,” Sandy said. “We chose BenBen because we believe that everyone deserves a shot!”

Despite the fact that BenBen had health concerns and was unlike most cats, Sandy and Adam were determined to adopt him as a member of their family. And with that, the cat who had appeared to be a hopeless case had found the finest new home anybody could wish for.

BenBen has now been living with his adoptive mom and dad for nine months and is loving every minute of it. BenBen may have a sad expression, but he’s the happiest cat in the world, and he enjoys playing and climbing on whatever he can find.

“He views barriers as challenges and will repeat actions until he masters them, such as running and leaping on our sofa and bed,” Sandy explained. “He’s such a darling!” exclaims the speaker.

BenBen likes people, and his parents have a hard time keeping him away from all of his new friends when they take him out in public. He enjoys vehicle journeys, his large stuffed animals, and learning new things on a daily basis.

“To be honest, the only thing he doesn’t enjoy is having to take his medication every day,” Adam explained.

BenBen’s health problems are still there, but the fact that he now has a warm, loving home is making all the difference.

“He can be a little cranky on wet, chilly, and damp days,” Adam added. “We believe the weather bothers him in the same way that it upsets others who have arthritis or other bone/joint problems. He is aware, though, that he is adored. We know he cares for us

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